Criteria for applying online for sassa R350 grant online for the new sassa application 2023

The Sassa application for the R350 Grant was instituted to assist citizens of South Africa who earn below a specified threshold of income annually. This initiative implemented by the government allowed the provision of certain essential commodities through the payment of monthly stipends in the form of money either in cash or electronic transfers to be advanced to South Africans. In light of this, the average south african can look forward to earning a fixed amount every month through the sassa R350 grant initiative.

If you are already on some sort of financial assistance from the agency, make sure to not request funding through the relief grant as this was designed purposely to ensure the continual provision for the needy.

This amount however is not sufficient to live on but as a pilot program instituted in 2020 and subsequent revised 2021 and 2022, the is the probability of an increment over the long term based on the performance of key financial indicators of the nation. This current financial assistance being provided is not subject to tax. This means that if you earn below the threshold and you are eligible for the extra income provided by the government you will not be taxed although your monthly income will probably now exceed a thousand rand.

Getting on board this new initiative is easy and simple you just have to follow the procedures provided in this article.

To begin with: This financial provision is aimed at providing for the needy in the south african social setting hence the reason for it being classified under the relief grant. To start the process you need to meet the following requirements: You must be a south african citizen and must have been unemployed for at least 6 months, you must have a income of R624 or less per month. Income in this regard is any money you receive through channels such as banks throughout the month. This means that if you receive money on behalf of another for a purpose for which you are not going to benefit from the amount will be included in your monthly income calculation to ascertain whether you are eligible for the financial benefit being provided by the government.

It is important to note that having multiple bank accounts in standard bank, absa bank, nedbank, capital bank, tyme bank or fnb bank will not help you hide other earnings even if you do not use that bank account when registering for the R350 money this is because your ID is used when opening any new account so its easy for the financial agency to give an accurate date of all your accounts to the government. If you also have a plan to have an account in multiple bank accounts to hide other incomes received the previous it will also not work because of the use of your ID. Finally you must be below 60 years, and not living in any government subsidised facility or working in the public sector.

Note that missing any of these steps may end up in your request for financial support from the agency being declined. This agency is committed to providing resources for those who are in financial distress.

Secondly After checking to make sure all your documents are in place, you have to proceed to get a scanned copy or use your mobile phone to take a picture of the various documents. When using your phone make sure that you are taking the picture of the various documents with a high resolution phone, preferable an iPhone or an high end android phone like Samsung. Once you have a software version of all your documents you can then visit the official website as will be provided in the apply section after the procedures have been thoroughly explained.

When you get to the website of the agency, choose the option that says apply for grant and provide all the required information. Make sure you have a working mobile phone number as the process requires all applicants to provide a valid cell phone number registered to them. This means that you cannot use another persons phone to complete the application process even if they are not on the R350 each month. This can cause a decline of your request to receive this financial assistance as the means checks may detect this inconsistency.

Next step: A one time pin will be sent to you once you have filled all the required fields and uploaded all the needed documents as requested by the agency. It is important to note that the request for funding by the agency will only be valid if you agree to the terms and conditions of the grant. When this one time pin is sent to you you have to enter it to the spaces provided and then move to the next stage of the process. The next Stage requires you to enter your preferred means of payment. For most people it is advised to opt for bank payments. Bank payments over the last 12 months have been the fastest and means by which beneficiaries receive their money each month. Secondly the agency is no longer using the post office service as a means of payment.

For those who will like to collect their money via cash outlets can do so from the approved outlets like shoprite across the country. The banks you can use for receiving payment are as follows: Standard bank, absa bank, tyme bank, FNB bank, capitec bank and other banks in south Africa. Note that there are no stipulations about beneficiaries with loans, credit card debt or on a debt consolidation program. If you have a loan with the bank you may be disqualified based on that but this is not part of the requirements. Secondly those on debt consolidation programs may also be declined as the money will go to the repayment of the debts and not to improve the living conditions of the individual.

Furthermore: Once your request to the agency has been approved you are now eligible to receive the money you applied for. It is important for all new beneficiaries as well as those who have reapplied to note that the payment of the stipend will start from the month it was approved, however it will last for six months in total. Once approved for payment this does not mean you will receive the money each month. A process of means test checking is conducted each and every month to make sure all beneficiaries receiving the money each month are truly deserving of the financial aid advanced to them.

This means that if for the first month you meet the base requirements you will be paid, however if for some reason say you receive a gift amounting to R400 in addition to your income of around R500 per month for that month it will take your total earnings for the month to R900 which means that you will not qualify for the grant that month. It is imperative that if you want to continue being paid by the agency every month you are earning below the threshold you must be sure not to receive any money into any of your bank accounts. Cash transactions are not included in this check. This means that if you receive an amount of R1000 in cash from a relative or friend it will not be factored in your means test for that month and hence you will still be eligible for the R350 grant given by the agency through banks and other designated outlets monthly.

In Addition: You can track the progress of your application by checking your status by filling the required fields on the agencies website. Once you have correctly filled these fields successfully you can access your application status. This will inform you of the progress of your application to the agency. Once you put in your application on the srd sassa website you will see a status of pending which overtime will change to reflect the stage of the process you are at at the moment.

The average time it takes to get approved for payment is between ten days to 20 days. However once you are approved for payment you do not have to apply each month for the same grant. The grant will come to an end in march, where it will be analysed and restarted between April and May of 2023. This will mean that new applications or requests must be submitted to the agency.

Finally: Based on the impact of the money given to assist the financially constrained citizens by the government has had on the economy it is highly likely that when the financial assistance expires next year it will be converted from a temporary grant to a permanent one. If this is implemented it will mean an improvement in the basic living standards for all citizens who fins themselves below that threshold.